How much time are you spending managing your HR?

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We operate as your expert HR function, freeing you to focus on the future while we deliver a modern, progressive HR experience for your people. Our experienced team gets to know you, your people, and your business strategy. Then we tailor our services, technology and approach to match your culture and support your goals. Whether we provide full HR Outsourcing or deliver more targeted Administrative Services Outsourcing, you will immediately feel the emphas!sHR difference.



Create a workplace where your people – and your business – can thrive with emphas!sHR’s Total Talent Management approach. Wherever you are in your company’s fast-track, we have a solution set for you.

Personalized service delivers better candidates CEO - Sport Decals We use EmphasisHR for recruiting, strategic HR and HR administration because their approach is personalized, tailored and always provides a number of solid candidates. In our business serving schools and other organizations in sportswear and general wear, we need to move fast. EmphasisHR is flexible and tailored to how we work… they REALLY understand our business—and our culture.
Attention to culture makes all the difference CEO - Childs Dreyfus After years of working with large payroll and HR outsourcing companies, switching to EmphasisHR immediately showed me better HR value. Most importantly, they help us create the culture I’ve always wanted for my company but never had the resources to build myself. .
The larger firms never provided the strategic guidance that seems second nature for EmphasisHR; in every call, meeting or strategy session, EmphasisHR proves they are truly part of my company.
Complete service, completely accessible VP - Applied Pathways EmphasisHR manages our entire HR shop and we depend on them every day. From handbooks to maternity leave policies, they are always on the spot with the right people and the right answers. Having a discussion with them is really easy—they bring new ideas to the table that have really made a difference.
By taking on the administrative day-to-day—and looking around corners for us on the strategic level—EmphasisHR lives up to their promise to make me free to grow my business.

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